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[LAST ONE] Triton's Daughters - Stormy Guardian Mermaid tail - Perla

Sereia Guardiã

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Brazilian mermaid tails, original designs created by the Guardiã herself. You will be mesmerized by the colors and details bringing the realism you always dreamed of in your mermaid adventures!!


You will fall in love with the touch of the fabric and be enchanted by the movement in the water!


Guardian Mermaid tails were designed by a real mermaid to be the most beautiful, realistic and with huge fins! We are a 100% Brazilian small business managed by women! Our prints are registered and exclusive, with vibrant colors and lots of details for greater realism!


Our tails are made of 1mm stretch fabric resembling a more flexible/thinner neoprene.


Composition: 84% polyester 16% elastane.


Tail features:

1mm elastic fabric tail.

Side zipper for monofin insertion

Realistic print

Waist with elastic

Flexible vinyl structure to insert monofin.

**Slight color changes may occur**



Fin dimensions (approx.):

Overall length: 90cm

Max width: 75cm

Length to the middle: 44cm


! Purchase includes fabric tail + vinyl insert for monofin!



Safety is most important when you choose to be a mermaid.

Our tails are not toys and are not made for children!

It should always be used with a monofin inside the frame and you should only use your tail to swim if you are an experienced and confident dolphin/butterfly swimmer. NEVER SWIM ALONE! - Always be accompanied by another experienced swimmer who is not wearing a mermaid tail. We do not recommend using the tail in the open sea - especially if you are not familiar with your monofin!


When in doubt, don't swim in unfamiliar, deep and current places! Safety first! The Guardian Mermaid is not responsible for accidents caused by misuse of the tail. We want to bring magic to the world and safety comes first!



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